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The weeklong meeting in California is the feature of a large portion of our years, as the Ohana dives on San Francisco and the city’s populace is supported by around 170,000 individuals. Just as an incredible opportunity to arrange and learn, it’s an awesome sight, seeing a great many Dreamforce knapsacks in the city.

While 2020 saw the occasion go on the web, the incredible news is that Salesforce has reported that 2021 will see it return to being an in-person occasion, running from 21-23 September. Also, with regards to the organization’s steady advancement, this year Dreamforce will turn into a genuinely worldwide issue.

Not many subtleties have been reported at this point, yet the cloud goliath has guaranteed occasions in London, Paris, and New York, in addition to different urban areas all throughout the planet, and a computerized experience as well. With movement limitations still set up in numerous spaces, it allows an opportunity for however much of the Salesforce people group to get included as could reasonably be expected.

While we look out for more data concerning how the occasion will look, we requested several specialists with an enthusiasm for Salesforce occasions what they’re expecting to see. Here are ten things they disclosed to us they’re anticipating.


At the point when security has gotten perhaps the main segments of any association’s computerized framework, Rakesh Gupta is anticipating hearing the part that Hyperforce will play in making Salesforce applications run more securely, in a totally rethought engineering. “I’d love to hear more about Hyperforce, and all the advancement Salesforce is doing in the background,” he said. Concerning the actual occasion? “I can’t conceal my energy; I missed groups, lighthearted embraces, and exposed giggling. I’m hoping to associate, learn and mess around with Trailblazers across the globe, and offer in return.”

Where is Salesforce With Slack?

“Last Dreamforce they declared the acquisition of Slack however we haven’t yet seen the reconciliation of this device yet,” said Salesforce MVP Amanda Beard-Neilson. “I’m quick to perceive how they are advancing and how Slack will be utilized, both inside Salesforce yet, in addition, keeping a free independent item alternative for every one of the groups who actually esteem Slack as a comms instrument for different advances.” Salesforce MVP Hall of Famer Eric Dreshfield concurred with Amanda, adding that “as far as I might be concerned, Dreamforce is practically more about individuals and making associations than it is tied in with seeing new provisions and catching wind of the guide of what might be on the horizon. All things considered, I’m truly intrigued to find out about the ‘Slack first’ approach Marc Benioff as of late referenced.”

About specialized devices, Amanda is expecting more knowledge into how the stage is creating as a way for clients to connect straightforwardly with organizations. “Salesforce initially set up as a B2B CRM item, overseeing client connections, however more as of late dove further into the B2C market with broad work on Experience Cloud and Commerce Cloud, permitting buyers to interface with their #1 brands to make buys on the web and associate simpler. As the world changed in the previous year to be more dependent on the internet shopping, I will be intrigued to check whether Salesforce has more up its sleeve to assist retailers with expanding their client reach.”

A Hurry To Be Back Together?

On a more viable level, one key argument was whether there’d be a craving to be together face to face again so rapidly. Eric Dreshfield anticipates that the demand should go to be enormous. “I’ve constructed my own image and developed my profession through local area occasions and special interactions,” he said. “Along these lines, it’s implied that I’m really energized for the arrival of in-person occasions. In case there’s a way for me to be at Dreamforce, I’m there. I’m intending to be at Tahoe Dreamin’ toward the finish of October, and Midwest Dreamin’, Minneapolis, in July. I think the craving for face-to-face occasions is gigantic!”

Or on the other hand not

Nonetheless, Tim Koroteev was among a few groups who recognized that while he’s amped up for the occasion, others may not be so quick to get back to actual social affairs at this time. His organization, Inspire Planner, set up a far-reaching manual for Dreamforce every year. He said: “While the need of enormous in-person occasions is as yet questionable now, I am certain Salesforce is doing all that could be within reach to guarantee the wellbeing, all things considered while giving them the most ideal experience of Dreamforce.”

Tim additionally called attention to that numbers will be restricted paying little heed to request, adding that “almost certainly, the number of participants in San Francisco will be covered at 5,000 because of general wellbeing limitations. Hence, making the first-ever worldwide Dreamforce occasion is by all accounts the best accessible choice for Salesforce to permit pioneers from everywhere the world to appreciate Dreamforce in-person again.”

Tagging Difficulty?

Those confined numbers might demonstrate something of migraine as far as who will be sufficiently fortunate to clear their path through the entryways, as opposed to streaming it once more. “I trust the in-person segments are not greeting just, rather on a first enlisted, or arbitrary drawing/lottery style participation,” proposed Eric Dreshfield. “Any individual who needs to have the option to go to face to face ought to be offered the chance to do as such, as long as the occasion can remain inside security rules for the phase of the pandemic around then.”

Amanda Beard-Neilson added that she’s trusting that making occasions all throughout the planet will, in any case, give a chance to the overall local area to have an influence, adding; “Actually I am amped up for the possibility of this arrangement. I’ve been fortunate to go to four Dreamforce occasions before and have adored everyone, and having London as a center would recommend that I could, in any case, be a piece of the occasion by one way or another.”

A More Comprehensive Encounter

Regarding the matter of around the world occasions, Manish Thaduri is expecting a much more comprehensive Dreamforce than we’ve at any point seen previously. “Going worldwide permits participants who can’t venture out to the States an opportunity to feel the energy of Dreamforce directly from their home urban areas,” he said. “It will be a really enchanted encounter. I’m expecting smaller than normal Dreamforce-like arrangements across the different urban areas it will be facilitated in, with bunches of lively faces, incredible learning encounters, and fun!”

Another Way To Deal With How In-Person Functions?

For Amanda Beard-Neilson, late London Admin bunch gatherings have required imaginative approaches to recognize how agreeable participants might be as we head into the ‘new ordinary. Her experience of getting sorted out enormous gathering occasions implies she expects some potential switches this time up with regards to Dreamforce. On her own occasions, she said: “I need to consider how our individuals may feel about being in a space with others.”

“We have chosen to bring to the table a traffic signal framework utilizing stickers. Every participant will be approached to pick a shaded sticker relying upon their inclination. Red: I was never a hugger and I’m not going to begin now. Golden: I’d like to start any contact with you. Green: I’m available to embraces. I’m likewise thinking about giving a Black choice: It’s been too since a long time ago; we should get a room together! I will likewise be interested to perceive how Salesforce will arrange the occasion. Will they have the principal featured discussions? Will these be San Francisco-based and spilled across different areas, or will they exploit a mixed area approach?”

The Dreamforce Experience

Eventually, our yearly excursion to San Francisco isn’t generally around one explicit component, it’s an opportunity to go through seven days in Salesforce nirvana. At the point when we asked Salesforce MVP and blogger Om Prakash what he was anticipating most, the rundown was practically unlimited: “Featured discussions, item declarations, most recent development demos, specialized meetings, festivities with the Trailblazer people group, just as being loaded up with motivation for more achievement.”

What’s more, as Amanda Beard-Neilson called attention to, reproducing the entirety of that will be a major test as the occasion goes worldwide. “Conventional Dreamforce is something beyond featured discussions and meetings to join in, the occasion is an eye-fest of new usefulness attractions to visit and a chance to associate directly with the innovation, while obviously adding some gamification to it—win a plushie or other loot to bring home. Dreamforce is likewise renowned for its get-togethers where individuals can assemble to organize and vent; will these be considered as a component of the general show?”

Salesforce Will Amaze

Notwithstanding our forecasts, there’s yet an acknowledgment that Salesforce is equipped for outperforming any of our assumptions, which can make us think about how Dreamforce will ultimately look an unimaginable assignment. “I think this worldwide Dreamforce will resemble nothing we’ve seen previously. I think it is still too soon to truly know what Salesforce has arranged, however, I’m sure it will be an incredibly vital occasion,” said Eric Dreshield.

Brand Name Salesforce Fun

While all of us are anticipating meeting up to celebrate and get more familiar with Salesforce together once more, Tim Koroteev presumed that he’s trusting that will not come to the detriment of the customary amusement to adjust things. From U2 to Metallica, Stevie Wonder to Foo Fighters, the Dreamforce stage rivals Glastonbury for its A-rundown graduated class. “I trust Salesforce will discover an approach to close Dreamforce 2021 on a high note, with extraordinary exhibitions in every one of the areas to brighten individuals up after the difficult occasions everybody went through.”


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