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Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management platform for businesses for a reason. Salesforce CRM customers saw an average 35% increase in customer satisfaction and 38% faster decision making. But for 2020, we challenge you to think big and go beyond basic CRM.

We will give you insights on how to use the Salesforce platform to improve team productivity, accelerate cash flow, and increase revenue while providing your customers with the best-integrated environment from the first contact to lead acquisition.

For businesses considering moving to a single, customer-centric solution, these are the top three benefits of using the Salesforce platform as we approach 2020. In our independent annual Salesforce market survey, 70% of Salesforce partners reported an increase in the deployment of additional Salesforce products after the customer’s initial release. This means that when companies realize the potential of Salesforce on one platform, they don’t come back!

Simproving Team Productivity

Improving team productivity is very important to most companies. The need is to improve productivity in companies more urgently than ever, and research shows that poor communication is a cause of reduced productivity.

Salesforce takes team collaboration to the next level. With Salesforce, you can log in anywhere and use it anytime. It makes it easy to collaborate with every department of your company, from sales and marketing to support and analytics.

From this perspective, you can see the updates coming in real-time and update the data seamlessly at every stage of the sales cycle (meaning virtually nothing is lost!). In addition to better communication and consistency across departments, you can also provide your teams with advanced solutions and support.

Accelerate your cash flow.

Let’s face it, nobody has time for complicated applications. In a rapidly changing world like ours, comfort is paramount. A single platform strategy like Salesforce is designed to simplify the entire business process and is also extremely user-friendly.

By implementing the quote-to-money process in a single platform solution like Salesforce, you can see every stage of the sales process in one place. This includes pricing, billing, ordering, and setting up services. And using a complete financial system like FinancialForce, which is already integrated with Salesforce, creates a complete solution from CRM to accounting, all under one roof.

Salesforce provides tools to help you find new deals, manage your customers, and keep them happy for a lifetime. Whether you want to add additional sales processes or change workflows, organizations can tailor their processes to their needs. A single platform is especially useful for small businesses looking to increase visibility and extend the overall development of their team and services.

Save money and increase revenue.

Reports show that companies that use Salesforce in their operations achieve an average of 25% more revenue. And that’s not all. Being a cloud-based solution platform, Salesforce requires no upfront costs, unlike on-premises software solutions. Plus, no hardware installation or IT support is required, allowing the company to quickly be fully operational on the Salesforce platform.

The combination of advanced CRM technology with world-class support and consulting programs has transformed Salesforce into the industry leader it is today. Salesforce empowers companies to connect with customers while growing their sales, services, and marketing with solutions designed specifically for their business. And now, in this new decade, it’s much bigger.

If you’re a company looking to grow your business, integrating your operations with the Salesforce platform is the right place to start. By simplifying and automating the entire operation on the Salesforce platform, your business can grow with clarity and vision, two of the most important factors for business success.


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