Our knowledge, experience, and Salesforce consultants in multiple industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Government, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Research, etc have made us a leader in ERP software development, customization, and implementations with specialization in Salesforce.

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Salesforce solutions provide you with functionality that broadly covers your manufacturing process along with all attached processes. To attain timely and efficient running of your manufacturing business we can analyze your business requirement to implement Salesforce hence streamlining your resources, production, inventory, distribution, sales & marketing, auditing, and data processing & management.



Our Salesforce consultants can help you deploy the most technologically advance retail solutions for you. From inventory management to Point of Sales (POS), we have you covered. We have a track record of implementing and managing hundreds of POS deployments of Salesforce.

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Educational institutions have an increased demand for services that are low on budget and revenue-generating along with maintaining the high performance and reliability which is required economically, socially, and legislatively. From accounting and financial projection to operations and compliance, we have the professional experience of working with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to provide these cost-effective solutions using Salesforce.

Health Care

Health care organizations have always faced a complex array of issues due to the sensitiveness of this business and due to the industry compliance and challenges. We can provide affordable services and Salesforce solutions to manage health care accounting, financial projections, medical records, billing, taxation, audit, and other technological solutions.

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Streamlining public services is core to economic-social success. To be able to effectively serve citizens, technology helps play a vital role. This streamlining of governments’ services can be effectively accomplished using our specially crafted solutions. These solutions are cost-effective and are already in play in State Governments as well as on the Federal level.


Hospitality companies are always facing challenges and pressure to meet the numbers provided by the competitors. This competition has evoked the need to have solutions for hospitality organizations integrating their day-to-day tasks and processes enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs, and providing financial projections. We can help build such solutions for all types of hospitality vertical likes Restaurants, Sports Teams, Hotels, Tour Managers and Car Rentals.

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Sales & Marketing

No business success is possible without an effective Sales and Marketing process. With Salesforce this whole process can be managed and streamlined. Our Salesforce consultants can help implement solutions that range from opportunity/lead management to final payment.



Sell faster and smarter with the world’s #1 sales platform.


Customer and field support with the world’s #1 service platform.


Deliver consumer engagement at scale with the #1 marketing platform.

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Unify the shopper experience with the #1 commerce platform.


Build deeper client relationships using the world’s #1 CRM, reimagined for bankers and advisors.


Enable intelligent collaboration around the patient and smarter, more efficient operations.

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