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Salesforce is an amazing asset with local usefulness that assists with pretty much every part of the client venture. However, the basics don’t always work perfectly with the other tools your teams use. Fortunately, there are handy Salesforce integrations for each department to connect email, social media, and other tools to Salesforce. With hundreds of integrations to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for your unique needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 16 Salesforce integrations, broken down by category. Regardless of the department in your company that uses Salesforce, we will help you find applications that save time and simplify your workflow. Here’s a list of the apps we’re going to talk about in this article

  • Sales Funnel by InsightSquared
  • SMS-Magic
  • Adobe Sign
  • Cloudingo
  • Zoominfo
  • Case Age and Status Changes in Business Hours
  • Whatix
  • Social25
  • Five9
  • Survey Monkey
  • Cirrus Insight
  • Groove
  • Youreka
  • Conga Composer
  • Asana for SalesForce
  • Dataloader.io
  • Salesforce Integrations for Sales Teams

    Agents spend almost 66% of their experience on undertakings other than selling. Salesforce incorporations can help computerize regulatory and information association undertakings to let loose salespeople zero in on selling.

    Sales Funnel by InsightSquared

    As a supervisor, following the advancement of your salesmen and distinguishing when they might require further preparation is a challenging task. In any event, watching by and large change rates can’t generally listen for a minute instructing a rep may require. Luckily, there are Salesforce reconciliations that can help.

    Sales Funnel by InsightSquared is a free application that assists you with envisioning the whole deals channel and see change rates at each stage. You can redo the stages so they are explicit to your organization, and the application consequently imports information from Salesforce.

    By taking a gander at this information, you can perceive how your group is changing over at each stage in the pipe and recognize where further preparation may be required.


    Connecting with leads is an indispensable piece of deals, however, the time has come devouring for outreach groups to flip to and fro between various stages to keep up numerous discussions. Representatives utilizing at least 30 applications in a day have a blunder rate that is 28% higher than workers who utilize fewer applications. SMS-Magic tackles this issue.

    SMS-Magic permits you to draw in leads in the correspondence channel the client likes, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS informing. Reps can deal with all discussions from a solitary inbox, so there’s no stage exchanging essential.

    Groups can likewise utilize the application to set up bots for robotized discussions, and they can set up, run, and investigate correspondence-based advertising efforts.

    Adobe Sign

    Agents invest 25% of their energy in managerial assignments. Salesforce combinations, for example, Adobe Sign mechanize monotonous desk work measures, opening up your reps to zero in on selling.

    With Adobe Sign, you can make, send, sign, and document concurrences with customers without leaving the Salesforce stage. The virtual endorsement measure is computerized, so salesmen don’t need to physically send records to and fro to gather marks. This smoothes out the entire interaction and abbreviates the business cycle.

    The application has two-way coordination with Salesforce; it utilizes Salesforce information to populate the reports. The customer’s data is consequently recorded in Salesforce after the arrangement is agreed upon.


    One other efficient Salesforce coordination is Cloudingo. It helps outreach groups deal with their information by eliminating or combining copy passages and offering mass import and update choices.

    Staying up with the latest is essential however tedious work. Cloudingo computerizes a significant part of the cleaning interaction—which implies one less authoritative errand for your reps to zero in on.


    Routinely refreshing contact data in Salesforce is crucial. Yet, with a huge data set, it tends to be almost difficult to persistently check each piece of contact data to check whether it’s as yet legitimate. ZoomInfo makes this cycle simple and practically momentary.

    ZoomInfo has a broad data set of confirmed contact data. The application can examine for errors between its information base and your Salesforce data set and consequently update Salesforce. You can even set up alarms for explicit organizations. You’ll get notices of their new activities, financing openings, and staffing changes.

    ZoomInfo is a mainstream Salesforce reconciliation, with in excess of 13,000 organizations utilizing it to discover and contact deals possibilities in their objective market.

    Salesforce Integrations for Customer Service Teams

    Consumer loyalty is a top key exhibition marker (KPI) for 66% of outreach groups. These Salesforce incorporations can assist with lessening reaction time and further develop client experience.

    Case Age and Status Changes in Business Hours

    Nobody likes to stand by while their concern is settled. The quicker you can address client concerns, the more joyful your clients will be. This free application from Salesforce Labs shows you how long, in business hours, a ticket has been sitting at each stage in the help cycle.

    The Case Age and Status Changes in Business Hours track status changes and permits you to see where tickets are getting hung up. Then, at that point, your group can make pipeline enhancements to lessen time-to-answer for clients.


    Salesforce has numerous local abilities to build usefulness, however assuming your representatives aren’t utilizing the stage appropriately, they aren’t getting these benefits. Whatfix shows your client assistance group to successfully utilize Salesforce, including assisting them with reacting to client inquiries from email or web-based media.

    Whatfix offers walk-throughs to direct workers through every part of the stage, guaranteeing that they realize how to utilize it appropriately.

    Whatfix likewise has alarms to feature changes and new highlights. This stays up with the latest so they can exploit what Salesforce has to bring to the table.


    Correspondence is similarly significant for help groups with respect to deals. Social25 is a Salesforce Integration that assists your group with drawing in clients on their favored social channels. Messages spring up inside the Salesforce stage, so workers can see and react promptly without exchanging between windows.

    With Social25, workers can interface with clients through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Twitter DM, and the sky is the limit from there. They can even set up chatbots so clients get a moment’s answer.


    Another supportive correspondence application is Five9, an omnichannel contact focus that assists clients with adjusting groups oversee and react to calls. It consequently focuses on and courses call, guaranteeing that clients address the right specialist as quickly as time permits. It likewise has visit works that permit specialists to converse with clients through informing, decreasing generally call volume.

    The application utilizes information from Salesforce to give workers a setting on the client and propose thoughts for the following stages. The information and the call appear in the Salesforce stage, so the client doesn’t need to sit tight while a specialist looks for their data.


    If you will likely further develop consumer loyalty, direct studies are a significant instrument. Conveying studies and physically entering the data in Salesforce is dreary, however Salesforce incorporations, for example, SurveyMonkey robotize and accelerate the interaction.

    SurveyMonkey empowers your group to gather client criticism and store the information in Salesforce. The studies are versatile agreeable, and you can utilize premade layouts to save time while making your overviews.

    When you get input, the application assists you with examining it in Salesforce and rapidly continue to the subsequent stages, for example, circling back to singular clients or talking about item refreshes.

    Salesforce Email Integrations

    Email is a noticeable specialized strategy for each division. These Salesforce mixes will make it a lot simpler to timetable, update, and oversee client correspondence by adjusting your inbox and schedule with Salesforce, regardless piece of the organization you’re in.

    Cirrus Insight

    Cirrus Insight associates your Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 email and schedule to Salesforce. Representatives can undoubtedly follow email leads and reactions and information into Salesforce without over and again exchanging between stages.

    The application additionally saves time by permitting you to book arrangements through email and consequently add them to your schedule.


    Furrow is some other efficient email sync application. It makes a two-way association between Gmail or Office 365 and Salesforce. Furrow consequently refreshes Salesforce passages utilizing information from your email and schedule, and you can see Salesforce information from inside your email or schedule application.

    Since Groove is a local Salesforce application, information announcing, and refreshes are quicker than in non-local applications.

    A section is a famous Salesforce combination that has in excess of 50,000 individuals at top organizations, like Google, utilizing the instrument.

    Salesforce Integrations to Boost Productivity in Any Team

    However numerous Salesforce incorporations are centered around one office, for example, deals or client support, there are some that assist with boosting efficiency across groups.


    In the field, web access might be inconsistent, and web-based stacking times may be moderate. Youreka supports efficiency by permitting field groups to get to structures, studies, and agendas without web access.

    The application offers different formats to make building structures quick and simple. You can connect the structures to fields inside Salesforce, and Youreka will naturally populate the reports with the right data. After the hands-on work is finished, representatives can make reports and store the information inside Salesforce. This is a Salesforce-local application, so it works rapidly with next to zero slack time.

    Conga Composer

    Documentation is an important piece of work in each division, yet more than once making and rounding out new records takes a ton of time. Conga Composer empowers programmed archive age, saving time and guaranteeing consistency.

    Groups can make normalized archives like statements, recommendations, contracts, work requests, and solicitations. The application naturally populates the records with information from Salesforce, diminishing the probability of administrative blunders.

    Asana for Salesforce

    A new overview tracked down that 73% of outreach groups say interdepartmental collaboration is essential to deals. Asana elevates coordinated effort across offices to build efficiency and forestall information storehouses.

    Outreach groups can utilize Asana to follow the advancement of Salesforce projects. They can likewise demand help from different offices by utilizing Tasks.

    Asana’s combination with Salesforce implies that errands can be made, allowed, and surveyed without leaving the Salesforce stage.


    In any division, physically bringing in or sending out information sets aside time, and there is a great deal of wiggle room. Dataloader is a free Salesforce coordination that permits groups to rapidly import, send out, and erase a lot of information.

    Fields in Dataloader.io consequently guide to Salesforce fields, saving time and guaranteeing precision. Representatives can move information straightforwardly to and from sources like Dropbox and Box. Dataloader additionally has a booking highlight, so you can naturally refresh your information day by day, week by week, or month by month.

    Lift Productivity Across Departments with Salesforce Integrations

    The reason behind embracing a client relationship in the executives (CRM) stage like Salesforce is to make it simpler for your business, client assistance, promoting, and different groups to track and utilize client information.

    Salesforce incorporations help usefulness significantly more by empowering groups to do various sorts of jobs without leaving the stage. These incorporations mechanize errands like report creation and information tidying that would somehow or another gobble up significant time. Furthermore, as you can see from our rundown, there are Salesforce mixes accessible to help each division.


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